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High Gloss Laminate PETG Plastic Sheet 0.3mm Overlay Film for Card Ink-jet Digital Printing

PETG Sheet PETG sheet is an ideal product for vacuum formed process. PETG has the ability to reposition and reform.PETG sheet is easy to fabricate.Therm forming and bending can be done with great accuracy and with maintained visual clarity. PETG plate has outstanding toughness and high impact strength, its impact strength is 3-10 times  more than ordinary plastic plate. PETG sheet has low flammability, good fire resistance, no combustion support and low smoke emission.PETG is a degradable environmentally friendly packaging material,Non-toxic.

The material is designed for protective film after laminating for cards production, esp ID cards. It can embed the chip module.


    Normal size: thickness 0.1mm-2mm
    Width: up to 1500mm. 700*1000mm, 915*1830mm,
    We can customize
    Types: Sheet, Roll, Film
    Color: Transparent/clear
    Surface: Matt Suface,white

    Item Specification Test Method
    Materials Name PETG core sheet /
    Type RJ-150 RJ-300 /
    Thickness 150μm 300μm /
    Thickness deviation ±8.0μm ±12.0μm GB/T 6672
    Size deviation ±0.5mm GB/T 6673
    Squareness ±1.2 mm/M /
    Color (D65/10°) White ΔΕ≤1.0 /
    Surface Roughness Ra 0.8μm~2.0μm DIN4768 Cut-off 2.5mm
    Front ≥38dynes/cm
    Surface Tension Back ≥36dynes/cm ISO8296 GB/T14216
    Front /
    Glossiness Back / /
    MD:≥-15.0% MD:≥-8.0%
    Shrinkage tested at 105ºC for 5 min TD:≤+8.0% TD:≤+4.0%
    Vicat B50 71.0±2.0ºC ISO 306 / GB/T1633
    Fluorescence no /
    Transmittance ≤10.0%
    Tensile strength MD:≥40.0Mpa MD:≥40.0Mpa
    Elongation at break MD:≥150.0% MD:≥130.0% ISO527.3 GB/T1040.3
    Tensile strength at yield MD:≥38.0Mpa
    Elongation at yield MD:≥3.0% ISO527.3 GB/T1040.3
    Apparent Density 1.28±0.05g/cm3 /



    Offset Printing, Silk Screen Printing,Packing, Thermoforming,  Production of High-End Credit Cards, ID Cards,etc.

    Packing & Delivery

    Wooden pallets on bottom, with packaging film packages all around
    Roll packing: as per your requirement
    Pallets packing: 500- 2000kg per wooden pallet 
    Container loading: 20 tons as normal
    Delivery: 2-3 weeks after advancement depending on the quantity.
    PETG WHITE01brx
    PETG WHITE02tpg
    PETG WHITE039x5

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