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Polycarbonte Trend(UV sound barrier sheet, New energy Polycarbonate retardant film V0 grade, Solid PC sheet, etc)

2024-01-30 14:16:09

Rijer Industrial Polycarbonate sheet factory is located in Nan tong High-tech industrial park Jiangsu province. It is a comprehensive manufacturer of Solid polycarbonate sheet, Hollow polycarbonate sheet, Wave polycarbonate sheet, UV sound barrier polycarbonate sheet, new energy battery polycarbonate film, and polycarbonate U Lock,H Lock sheet.

Our factory has standardized production workshop and commercial buildings with 5 imported German advanced optical-grade solid board production lines. The main raw material is with Sabic and Bayer brand. Owing to the Professional R&D team, strict quality management and excellent stable raw material, our products enjoys great popularity at home and abroad.

Our products own the feature of Good dimension stability,Flame retardant,High heat, impact resistance and easy to process and install.

Quality products, good storage system,experienced loading workers, fast delivery time.

Our PC products are widely used in skylights, greenhouse, roofing, awning, printing, advertising signs, electronic appliance, security application, office partition, highway sound barrier, stadiums, etc.

Polycarbonate makes a better vision for architecture,brings more convenience to our life and changes the technology.

1, General Purpose Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate solid sheet is featured as light weight,flame retardant and high impact strength. It is a good replacement of glass and excellent lighting effects greatly reduces the amount of steel used in building structures. The outstanding mechanical,optical thermal properties enables it to be used in wide applications like furniture, indoor partitions in offices, walkways, guardrails, balconies, sliding doors in bathrooms etc. The advanced UV co-extrusion technology ensures the products in a long life with 10 years warranty, employed by our double-sided UV technology,the UV layer sheet is protected from weathering and yellowing thus increasing the service life of the products.

Features of solid polycarbonate sheets

High transparency

Light weight

High impact resistance

Heat insulation

Flame retardant

Applications of solid polycarbonate sheets


Automotive and aircraft components

Security components Signage

Vending machines

Machine guards

Lighting/Roof domes/Billboard/Carport etc

Polycarbonte Trend(UV sound barrier sheet,New energy Polycarbonate retardant film V0 grade,Solid PC sheet,etc).jpg

2, Hollow polycarbonate Sheet

Hollow polycarbonate sheets can be divided into different categories like 2 wall R-structure, 3 wall R-structure, 4 wall R-structure, H-structure and X structure. Hollow polycarbonate sheet is also called sunlight panel which has high impact strength and thermal insulation. Hollow sheet is a good option of construction application.It is generally used in high side windows,garage shed,warehouse lighting roof,etc. Hollow polycarbonate sheet is a good engineering thermoplastic. Maximum width of hollow PC sheet is 2100mm, thickness varies from 8-20mm with normal colors like white, gray, green, yellow,blue and customized colors. Our hollow sheets has the quality of anti-infrared for roofing and anti drop for greenhouse.

Features of twin-wall polycarbonate sheets

Lighter than solid polycarbonate sheet

Strong weather and UV resistance

High thermal insulation performance

Easy to process and install

Applications of twin-wall polycarbonate sheets

Factory building, warehouse lighting roof

Stadium ceiling

Channel/parking shed

Swimming pool top cover

Polycarbonte Trend(UV sound barrier sheet,New energy Polycarbonate retardant film V0 grade,Solid PC sheet,etc)2.jpg

3, UV Sound Barrier Polycarbonate Sheet

The sound barrier polycarbonate sheet is made of 100% pure new imported polymer raw materials, and added with anti-ultraviolet agent UV, which is made of the most advanced technology today. It combines high light transmittance, aging resistance, good sound insulation performance and high strength product.

Features of UV Sound Barrier polycarbonate sheets

High transparency,clear as glass

Light weight

High impact resistance

Excellent sound proof

Easy to bend,process and install

Pollution free

Applications of UV Sound Barrier polycarbonate sheets

Lighting roof

Screen wall

Roads, viaducts, expressways, rail transit

Polycarbonte Trend(UV sound barrier sheet,New energy Polycarbonate retardant film V0 grade,Solid PC sheet,etc)3.jpg

4, Polycarbonate Flame Retardant Film/ Polycarbonate film for New Energy areas /PC Film V0 Insulation

Black flame-retardant polycarbonate film and sheet can be widely used for lamination insulation and shielding of lithium battery insulation cover, TV/monitor, business machine, etc. Power supply insulation, disk drive insulation, flame retardant component composite board, computer motherboard insulation, keyboard motherboard insulation, speaker nets, etc.

Features of PC flame retardant film

Thickness 50-1000μm

Tensile strength≥40MPa

Elongation at break ≥ 35%

Thermal shrinkage rate (over 175μm thickness) ≤ 1.0%

The flame transfer time t1 and t2 are both less than 10 seconds, and there is no dripping.

Halogen content<50ppm

Environmental protection, flame retardant, impact resistance, excellent dimensional stability, excellent insulation.

Applications of Polycarbonate film

Electronic field such as mobile phones, computers, audio equipment

Automobile fields such as automotive dashboards, membrane switches, panels, mouse pads,automotive power batteries, energy storage batteries

lenses such as cameras,microscopes,telescopes,optical testing instruments and screen display

Polycarbonte Trend(UV sound barrier sheet,New energy Polycarbonate retardant film V0 grade,Solid PC sheet,etc)4.jpg