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    2024-01-30 14:20:32

    Shanghai International Ad and Sign Technology and Equipment provides one-stop solutions for the advertising signage industry including ink-jet, printing, cutting, engraving, display. The shanghai APPP EXPO is one of the largest advertising printing material shows which attracts many visitors from home and abroad.

    As it is the first big exhibition of the AD industry after the plague, our company applied for the booth one month early. Before the exhibition, Our workmates make good preparation of the samples,. catalogs,name cards,banner design and other necessities in the exhibition.


    On June18th,2023, we woke up early and got well dressed to welcome our clients from different places. As it is just the time of raining season, it rained heavily in the morning.

    We queued in the line walking to our booth.Although the weather is not good, there are still a lot people coming to see what is new and how is the market going.

    On the first day, We have 30 visitors, some from Asia,some from middle east, some from north America. They checked our samples, some offered us their name cards or contact.

    One interesting thing is we encountered a customer from Kenya. He just wants to borrow a pen to write something. One of our workmate introduced our products and talked to him for a long time. At first he wants to leave quickly but he sits down and checked our products and asked some questions about it. He made a phone call and then told our workmate to give him some samples to test.

    2023 SHANGHAI APPP EXPO2.jpg

    On the following two days, there are not so many visitors as the first day. Still we are glad to meet some old customers.

    During the four days trip, we are happy to meet some old customers and new clients as well.

    It is really a nice memory after the long time “closing period”. Hope next time we will can see more.

    Here are some photos we took at the exhibition.