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    Welcome to RIJER New Products -Pharmaceutic Packing materials

    2024-01-30 14:22:52

    RIJER industry has been in PVC rigid film sheets producing for 10 years. Our research and development department takes great efforts in expanding our products lines. Here is what is new.

    Based on Pharm grade PVC material,Our PVC film is smooth, transparent, uniform in thickness.There are clear and color to choose.

    1. Medical PVC film

    Structure: Pharmaceutical PVC Rigid Film
    width no more than 1500mm for clear, 750mm for color
    Core reel:76/152mm
    Outer Reel: no more than 500mm
    Feature: easy to form,heat seal -able.
    Characteristics: Good transparency, less crystal point bubbles,less flow lines, good molding,strong adaptability to PTP aluminum foil.
    Application: used with PTP aluminum foil for the packing of pharmaceutical tablets,capsules,pills,also for blister packaging of food.

    PVC/PE/PVDC it's a kind of high moisture&oxygen barrier film.
    Blister packaging mainly used for solid dose of medicines like tablet,capsule,pills.
    Structure: PVC/PVDC film,PVC/PE/PVDC film
    Specification: width no more than 1350mm for clear, 750mm for colored
    PVDC coating gsm: 40g/60g/90g/120g/180g
    Core reel: 76/152mm
    Outer reel: no more than 500mm
    Characteristics: Good barrier effect,can be formed by blister, easy to heat seal.
    Application: for blister packing of medicines or health products that require high barrier effect. For mid-to high end blister packing.

    2.Cold Forming Foil


    Cold Forming Foil is a composite packing material with good barrier properties.It is easy to be sealed with aluminum blister foil,suitable for pharmaceutical blister packing of tablets,capsules,for moisture,oxygen,light and chemical requirement.


    Layer Thickness Unit
    OPA 25-30 Micron
    ALU 45-60   Micron
    PVC 600-100 Micron
    Total thickness  135-200 Micron
    Total weight   240-333.5   GSM
    Core reel 76/152mm
    Printing available
    Packaging carton packing,wood box packing and customize

    3.  PTP Foil


    It is a high coated aluminum foil with better sealing performance.The pre-coated aluminium is good for small quantity printing,suitable for different inks. The printed aluminum foil is a gorgeous material in packing with different colors available.


    Layer Thickness   Unit
    Primer 1.0 GSM
    Alu 20-30 Micron
    VC 3-8  GSM
    Total thickness 24-39  Micron
    Core reel 76/152mm
    Printing Available
    Primer availability UV INK, water based ink, oily based ink, flexo printing ink, solvent ink and etc
    Packing  carton packing, wood box packing or customize

    Rijer will continuously devoted to renew and research our products.